Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import data from other apps?

Open from menu settings | Tools | Import data.

From which apps can I import data?

You can import data from Fuelio, Fuelly, Drivvo and My Cars.

How many vehicles can I manage with this app?

Free / Basic: max 3 vehicles
Premium: max 6 vehicles
Premium Business: max 100 vehicles

How can I backup my data?

Select from menu settings Tools Export data and choose My Car (*.dat).

How can I restore my data from a backup?

Select from menu settings | Tools Import data and choose My Car (*.dat).

How do I transfer my subscription to a new email account?

To move your subscription to a new account, follow these steps:

  1. Backup your data. Select settings Tools Export data and choose My Car (*.dat).

  2. Delete your current account. Select settings | Sync , click menu button "...", select Delete all my data and follow the instructions.

  3. Uninstall the app from all of your devices.

  4. Install the app again into the device where you have purchased Premium and sign in using the new email account.

  5. Select from menu settings | Tools Import data, choose My Car (*.dat) and pick the backup file you saved in step 1.

  6. Reinstall the app into your other devices and sign in using the new email account.

How do I install the Web app as PWA?

For best performance it is recommended to install the Web app as PWA.

Here is how to install the PWA using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge:

1. Mac users: install either Chrome for Mac or Edge for Mac.

2. Open in your browser.
3. Install the app as follows:

  • Google Chrome: open Google Chrome menu "..." and select Install My Car.

  • Microsoft Edge: click the Install My Car -button in the right edge of the address bar (a button with a + symbol).

NOTE: In mobile devices it is recommended to use the mobile apps downloaded from app stores. Although Web app is very close to the native app, the native app performs always better. There are also some features missing from the Web app.

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